TACTACAM SOLO HUNTER PACKAGE W/Bow Stabilizer, Universal Gun & Crossbow Mount



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Brand new and sealed.

Manufacturer Supplied Product Details:

Capture the excitement of your next hunt and put it online with the Tactacam Solo WiFi Hunting Action Camera Package. This camera comes equipped with Tactacam Solo WiFi, which is compatible with the Tactacam app, which connects the Solo camera with your smartphone. This way, you can control the camera with your electronic device, view photos and videos, and transfer them to your device for easy online sharing. Using the included custom gun mount or under-scope rail mount, you can secure this compact, lightweight, weatherproof camera to your gun with it pointed directly ahead. Push the power on the auto record button to start recording, and you're ready to roll. Simply push the button again when you're done. It's that simple. Built with the best electronics available, its ultrahigh-quality lens and automatic low-light sensor work to capture vibrant, full-color footage with 1,080p resolution. The 3x zoom is easy to operate, and it gets you close to the mark for more dramatic footage. 1-touch camera operation with vibration indication is quick and easy to use when you're hunting. Other features include: auto focus, low-light auto adjust, built-in 0-100db microphone, Soft Touch and weatherproof outer shell, Wi-Fi, and FTS compatibility. The Tactacam Solo hunting camera package includes: camera, battery with 2.5-hours of power, USB cable with charging adapter, Tactacam decal, flat black stabilizer 32mm, custom gun mount, and an under-scope rail mount.

  • Camera can capture your next hunting success
  • Tactacam app lets you put footage and images online
  • 2 different gun mounts included
  • Built with the best electronics available
  • Full-color footage
  • 1,080p resolution
  • Ultrahigh-quality lens
  • Automatic low-light sensor
  • 3x zoom is easy to operate
  • 1-touch camera operation
  • 2.5 hours of battery life
  • Includes battery, USB cable, camera bag, and more