SWAROVSKI Winter Night Ornament 5464872 BRAND NEW, Free Shipping



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Brand new. Pictures do not do this piece justice.  Absolutely beautiful! 

Manufacturer Supplied Product Details:

HOLIDAY SPARKLE. This winter night ornament is an excellent decoration perfect for the holiday season. Measuring 7.3 x 6.9 x 1.5 cm, and expertly crafted with 31 brilliantly sparkling crystal facets with a delicate white print. A lovely trinket to hang on your Christmas tree or window for this festive season.

WHIMSICAL PRESENT. This playful yet elegant piece is an attractive gift you can give to your friends or loved ones. Share the holiday cheer with a glittering ornament that everyone will love.

EASY TO MATCH. Ornaments works its best when it compliments and is combined with other assortment of decorations. Mix this with your existing decorative arrangement to add a shimerring style to your home.

MASTERFUL CRAFTSMANSHIP. New cuts, shades, and sizes are conceived and realized every day in the historical Wattens headquarters, pushing the boundaries of crystals. Swarovski's know-how not only focuses on refining the crystals, it also explores methods that make the most incredible pieces possible. Beading, pave, bezel, and prong settings are some of the techniques used to enhance the sparkle and create exquisite refinement.