CRESTRON TSR-310 Handheld Touch Screen Remote W/Battery & Charger, SEALED

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CRESTRON TSR-310 Handheld Touch Screen Remote W/Battery & Charger, SEALED

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Brand New. Factory sealed. Photos are of exact item but your item will come FACTORY SEALED. This item is not eligible for returns if factory seal is broken. Signature Delivery Confirmation may be used.

Manufacturer Supplied Product Details:

An elegant, ergonomic, and rugged handheld remote with 3 in. color touch screen, backlit buttons, voice control capability, and enhanced Wi-Fi wireless communications. Movement sensing wakes the remote the instant it's picked up so it's always ready to use.

  • Customizable handheld wireless remote
  • Elegant, ergonomic, and rugged design
  • 3 in. (76 mm) HVGA capacitive color touch screen
  • Backlit buttons for AV/DVR control and OSM navigation
  • 5-way navigation pad changes colors when accessing the four-color buttons mode
  • Voice recognition executes functions using spoken commands [2]
  • Fully programmable functionality via a Crestron control system [1]
  • Advanced, high-performance Wi-Fi wireless communications [3]
  • Movement sensor wakes the remote when picked up
  • Instant-Waking technology executes button presses without picking up the remote
  • Auto-brightness control maintains optimal visibility
  • Setup and diagnostics via touch screen or web browser
  • Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Space-saving table dock charger [4]

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