AIREX Balance-pad For Therapy, Training, Exercise Cushioned Balanced Pad BLUE

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The AIREX Balance-pad is an active therapy and training device made from the well-known soft AIREX foam. With its smooth surface, the balance pad is perfect for barefoot beginners in balance training. Due to its thickness of 6 cm, this balance pad has the desired destabilizing properties. Due to the flexible foam, the body is constantly challenged to keep its balance and thus to stabilize the joints. The exercises on this balance pad cause a greater use of deep-seated muscles than exercises without a balance pad. Training on the balance pad can specifically improve both conditioning and coordination skills, such as strength, endurance and balance.

  • Hygienic , durable , multifunctional , water-repellent
  • CE , MD , Sanitized , Swissmade
  • 18.9" L x 15.75" W x 2.36" H